Digestive Center for Wellness Health Coaching


Visit with our Digestive Center for Wellness certified health coach, Kimberly Hasenberg, who will provide you with detailed dietary and lifestyle modifications, as well as the support you need to implement changes and restore your gut health. We strongly recommend all new patients schedule a nutrition appointment with Kimberly immediately following their initial consultation with Dr Chutkan. Health coaching is also available to those who are not patients of Dr. Chutkan’s.




“Kimberly is very encouraging, compassionate and positive. I’m so glad I made an appointment with her!” – Denise/DCW health coach client

“Thank you for the extremely supportive first meeting. I am feeling so optimistic and grateful that there are people who finally understand what this condition is, believe there is a way to improve, and understand the emotional and mental strain of chronic digestive issues. Such a relief!” – Jill/DCW health coach client

“Kimberly is fantastic. She helps you follow nutrition that works for you and gives you information. I love working with her!” – Grace/DCW health coach client

“Kimberly taught me invaluable information about nutrition that has made a big difference. She got me on the right track nutritionally and even sometimes, emotionally. She is such a special person, has helped me tremendously, and I’m so happy she’s in my life!” -Molly/DCW health coach client

“This is exactly what I was hoping for. DCW health coaching is a life changing experience.” -Miles/DCW health coach client

Additional information

Number of sessions

1, 3

Length of session/s

1 hr, 30 min, 15 min