Everything you need to know about the gut microbiome and its relationship to health and disease, focusing on clinical implications of microbial discord and proven methods for reversing damage.


This innovative virtual course teaches you how to heal the gut and improve health through dozens of challenging real-life clinical case studies, and interviews with actual patients, as well as the latest scientific research on the microbiome. Developed by Dr. Robynne Chutkan, integrative gastroenterologist, bestselling author, and expert on the microbiome, this unique program includes nationally recognized faculty from leading academic institutions with decades of clinical and research experience. Designed for health care practitioners, nutritionists, health coaches, and industry professionals seeking additional expertise, as well as sophisticated consumers who want to know more about the root cause of disease.

Dr. Robynne Chutkan

Founder, Digestive Center for Wellness
Faculty, Georgetown Hospital
The Microbiome Solution

Dr. Gerard Mullin

Director, Integrative GI Nutrition Services, Johns Hopkins Hospital
The Gut Balance Revolution & The Inside Tract

Dr. Mark C. Mattar

Gastroenterologist & Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Expert, Georgetown MedStar Hospital

Dr. Liz Lipski, PhD

Faculty, Maryland University of Integrative Health
Digestive Wellness


Part I: The Microbiome: A detailed look at the human microbiome, including the specific phyla and strains that inhabit the gut; metabolic and physiologic functions of gut bacteria; what constitutes a “healthy” microbiome; and the microbe/gene interface.

Part II: How Microbial Imbalance Occurs: A thorough investigation of microbial disruptors and their effects on bacterial homeostasis, including pre-natal and early childhood influences, medications, diet, food production, environmental hazards, stress, and lifestyle factors.

Part III: Health Consequences of Microbial Imbalance: A scientific exploration of the effects of bacterial imbalance on overall health, including risk factors for and clinical manifestations of dysbiosis; the microbial footprints of various disease states; and the latest research on how gut bacteria contribute to obesity and how to harness the microbiome for weight loss.

-Autoimmune disease – achieving remission through optimizing the microbiome

-Approach to the patient with inflammatory bowel disease

-SIBO vs reflux – how to tell the difference

-Leaky gut – mechanisms of intestinal damage

-Irritable bowel syndrome – etiologies  and solutions

-Yeast overgrowth – a manifestation of microbial discord

-Obesity – could your microbes be making you fat?

Part IV: Testing for Microbial Imbalance:  A guide to accurately identifying and diagnosing dysbiosis using clinical criteria, as well as a comprehensive review of testing modalities for SIBO and other forms of dysbiosis. Learn which tests are indicated and how to interpret them.

Part V: Restoring The Microbiome: Step-by-step instructions on how to restore the microbiome, including:

-An integrative approach to illness that circumvents antibiotic use

-A comprehensive look at probiotics and other supplements

-Everything you need to know about fecal microbiota transplant (FMT)

-Nutrition-based interventions

-Hygiene & lifestyle practices

-Stress reducing techniques



Clinical Modules 
Our extensive curriculum is organized into modules, each covering a specific clinical area, that you go through at your own pace.

Video Lectures
In-depth tutorials with Dr. Chutkan where you’ll establish an expert level of understanding about the gut biome.

Audio Lectures
Featuring our renowned faculty.

Expert Interviews
Hear from key opinion leaders and bestselling scientific authors.


Patient Encounters 
Sit in during actual patient encounters for a virtual apprenticeship unlike any other program offering.

Monthly Clinical Grand Rounds
An interactive experience where you’ll get to ask questions and comment.


Bi-weekly Calls with Dr. Chutkan
A detailed discussion of challenging clinical scenarios and the latest research.

Self Guided Assessments
To ensure thorough familiarity with the information.


Patient Case Studies
Examples of real life challenging clinical situations.

Database of Scientific Studies
The latest research organized by clinical topic, updated monthly.

Reading List
The most important books and articles on the microbiome.


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